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What would be a pets favorite thing to click on on this website?


Get it?

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I made a website about orphans, but it doesn't have a home page.

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What does this website with it's comments and a cult have in common? We have a case of Witzelsucht.

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Yesterday I made a website for orphans. But it doesn't have a home.


why cant orphans see all these jokes on this website that were posting? cuz they dont know were the home page is.


Guys put more comments in )) (( we are so close to beating the world record for most comments on this website and the record is 171

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on this website, I just searched up "My jokes". In response, it said, "no jokes found". Wth.


i hate this website lol


Who remembers when Gwen was the only thing people talk about in this website

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I created a website for Orphans but there was no homepage


What the hell is this website, do you all think these jokes are funny?

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I would create an orphan website..... But you need a home page to do that. (since somebody stole this joke before)🤷‍♀️

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I made a website for orphans’ It has no home page’



dark child
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what is an orphans favorite website: zillow


Attention everyone: I will be leaving this website. Thank you everybody who has been nice to me. Maybe I’ll come back in the future but for now: Goodbye.


Ok ok whats up with the Fake Gwens ama use a test to see who is real or not. The real Gwen will know this. When did I come onto this website? Next question what is my real name. And do I go on cursing rampages? Only the real Gwen can complete this test with the right answers. Records

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