Online Jokes

My husband told me to make him a sandwich. I was looking online for some comebacks. Someone online said You better comeback with a goddamn sandwich

My dad posted a picture of his condom challenge fail to his social media - it was a picture of me.

Ok there has to be SOMEONE on this website right now, whoever that is wanna chat? (im just bored)

When you break up with your online girlfriend, and you hear your uncle crying in the other room.

Gwen if ur reading this the link I sent is for u and ur bf to chat and stuff no one shall bother u! Pinky pinky! Btw do U know how I am cause if do then I am related to kenya and my name starts with T? Don't worry just chat with ur boy friend

Grew up playing Fruit Ninja on my iPad. Spent time with my online sister playing multiplayer.

Now I play it in school with an awesome small steel blade.

I’m not allowed my phone during school hours and I have to give it in at the start of the day...

i was playing warzone last night and i shot my team mate that said they were emo and when i shot him another player did and it said assist kill