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Yo mama so stupid, that when she heard about cookies on the internet she ate her computer

Hey, you wanna hear something funny

AN atom makes up everything. Half of this site contains this joke. Dont trust the internet kids.

Q: How did Stephen Hawking die? A: He lost internet connection

Yo mama so fat, she doesn’t need internet, because she’s already WORLDWIDE!!!

What Runs Faster Than Stephen Hawking In His Wheel Chair. His Internet

how did stephen hawking die he lost internet connection

Trump and two of his friends are stranded on an island with no internet connection and no way of getting home. As they frantically run around the island trying to get a signal so Trump can call his private helicopter to come and pick them up, Trump’s wig falls off and lands on a magical lamp, from which suddenly appears a genie. As Trump replaces his wig, the genie announces that he will grant each man one wish for freeing him. The men stop to confer. The first one says he will wish for a plane to rescue him, the second wishes for a boat to rescue him and they tell Trump to wish for a helicopter to rescue him. Trump, being Trump, nods and says yes but he wasn’t really listening. Then they approach the genie. The first one of Trump’s friends wishes for a plane to rescue him, as agreed. The second one of Trump’s friends wishes for a boat to rescue him, as agreed. Then Trump is left all alone, but instead of wishing for a helicopter to rescue him, as agreed, he says, “Aww, I’m lonely now. I wish both my friends were here with me!”

What kind of knight puts dumb jokes on the internet?


yo mamas so fat that she doesn’t need internet cause she is already world wide

what does Ethiopian people have better than Australians? internet.

How did Steven Hawkins die? He lost internet connection

why did stephen hawkins die

he lost internet connections

Me: makes chuck norris meme Internet: all the other memes are dead now Me: well shit.