Virgin Jokes


What do you call a YouTuber a virgin

in Nun

Did you hear about the flood at the circus? Lots of people drowned and there were two clowns that survived and two nuns still in the audience. The two clowns ran over to the two nuns, and each one put a nun on his shoulder. Then they waded out of the big top, up to their waists in the rapid, turbulent water. As they were reaching dry land, one clown said to the other, “if you ask me, this is virgin on the ridiculous!”


Bully : shut up and give me your money otherwise I will tell everyone that you are still a virgin Boy : haha I am not a virgin anymore Bully : haha nice joke Boy : if you don’t believe then ask your sister or brother Bully : hah I don’t have any sibling Boy : will just wait for 9 months then u will know


What to say to a single guy whos insulting you. “Shut up you horny virgin”!



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What do you call a white girl that can run faster than her brothers? The redneck virgin.

in Orphan

what do you call a virgin from alabama

an orphan


Did jeasus die a virgin Of course not he got nailed before he died!


what do you call someone who is extra virgin

mrs frame

Funny-looking nerd

Your the type of guy to have a whole training arc after a girl wants to fight you


where are virgins usually born? Virginia

Your mom
in Difference

What’s the difference between issac Newton and the baby I just killed?

Issac Newton died a virgin!😎

in Nun

My sisters ask me “Are you really a virgin?” I say “That’s nun of your business”


Captain America is a 106 yo virgin


My sister’s name was Philma. We were unfortunate enough to have the last name coochie. Let’s just say no more virgins were at that school.


What’s the difference between Isaac Newton and the kid I kidnapped? Isaac Newton died a virgin.

Bully: Hey virgin!

Victim: Im not a virgin, just ask your sister.

Bully: I dont have a sister, dumbass.

Victim: Just wait nine months.


How do you call a Virgin girl in Alabama? An Orphan


Kenney lost his virginity to a $10 hooker but he only had to pay $5. She was his sister so her got the family discount.

in Dad

I have a problem my dad any my girlfriend have the same birthday. So one took my virginity and the other is my girlfriend