Virgin Jokes


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When a Muslim dies he gets 72 virgins. It's the same thing with priests except the virgins are children.



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Say this to someone who is fat that you don't like (make sure he's a virgin) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " You're so fat you can sell shaaade!! That's why you're a virgin and you masturbaaate!!! yeah I've see you, touching your 1 centimetre and if you have a gf she's is a cheater!!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure to say "shaaade" not "shade". And say "maturbaaate" (also try to say a D not a T in maturbaaate) not "masturbate".

eshay bra

in Orphan

why did the orphan call Mr smith daddy, because he put her in the vices and tort her a lesson about virginity

Chicken fillet roll

The reason Steven Hawkins died was because he switches WiFi routers for sky to virgin so his computer la-ged out



The only reason he died was because virgin media wifi crashed

Supa Sanic

Did Jesus die a virgin?

Of course not!! He got nailed before he died.


Naruto uzamaki

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Three doctors go into a room to get rid of a dead guys body they notice when they walk over he has a boner the first doctor decides why not fuck him he still has a boner left in him the 2nd says well he's dead and I I'm a virgin the 3d one says I can't I'm on my period and then says okey why not he already dead it's not like he doesn't smell bad after all that they go to walk out and the guy pops up and says thanks for saveing my life pumping blood back into my body...........




My sisters ask me "Are you really a virgin?" I say "That's nun of your business"




A virgin is what I called my daughter before I took that away from her

The perv from down the road

God damn it. Fuck christianity I fucking 30 years old and still a virgin. THAT'S A JOKE GOD DAMMIT!!



What does BLM stand for?? Biden loves millennials



Why can you never find a virgin cow on a field with no bulls for miles? Just ask the redneck farmer

Jewish HItler

Did Jesus die virgin? Nope he got nailed before he died.


in Child

What do you call a white girl that can run faster than her brothers? The redneck virgin.



in Child

How do you find a red neck virgin?

Just look for a 4 year old they can run faster than her brothers


You get no bitches said the man to the 60 year old reckneck virgin guy who is obese and balding with "trump" stuff plastered all over his pickup truck.

pope francis

in Priest

Why don't catholic kids lose their virginity in their 20's?

Because they lost it to a priest when they were 5



Did jesus die a virgin?

Nah he got nailed...



Why did the policeman rape the woman? Because he thought rapists wouldn't be attracted to non-virgins