Satan's Daughter

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A Man: I must confess father Priest: what are you her to confess A Man: I hit my wife and blamed her for what happened to our son Priest: and what happened to your son A Man: He said a man raped him Priest: when and where did this happened A Man: a local church, idk which one whom? A Man: A priest he said, he said the priest had black hair and blue eyes. kind of like you Priest: ...shit

Male Patient: So I just pull my pants down and bend over for my prostate exam

Doctor: Yup

Male: Ok I'm ready....hey doc that doesn't feel like a finger

Doctor: He he not a doctor

Kid: *runs down the street* HELP ME Officer: you ok kid? Me: dont worry! hes my nephew, there was a big spider Officer: oh ok ma'am *walks off* When officer leaves: Me: *gets whip* what did I say about leaving the basement

Blossom: why are we dating the rowdy ruffs when were technically siblings? Bubbles:... Buttercup: idk but those people over there r lookin at us weird Alabama: 😈

Tiktoker: I will kill anyone who pours milk before cereal Depressed kid tiktok reply: *pours milk before cereal, pours cereal then takes a bite* I'll wait

Little Johnny saw his dad getting head from his mom. Johnny asked what they were doing and mom stopped and said she was fixing his dads pants. Little Johnny says "That explains what the lady next door was doing"

I keep getting these letters from this little girl every year on fathers day. I told the orphanage to stop letting her send these.

Man: Cow milk is drinkable Other man: How do you know that? Man: *smiles with milk all over mouth* Other man: John...h-how do you know that!

My wife cheated on me with my brother She didn't have a sister so I improvised and now all I have to do is wait nine months for one to come