Me: Itś smells like good fam.

Friend: Whatś good fam?

Me: Nothing much, what about you fam?

First Man: My dog’s got no nose. Second Man: How does he smell? First Man: Awful.

What’s yellow and smells of Marge ??? Homer Simpson fingers

Ur mum smells like shit ye so she sucks a man off and washenmasheen yo don’t at me yeh u chiken breath

Ex girlfriend “i can smell fish” Ex boyfriend “i can smell shit” Ex boyfriend “ well how many boys swam down there” Ex girlfriend “20!” Fish “ wasn’t me I don’t swim around mistakes”

Wee dyslexic boy and girl in class. Wee boy says"Can you smell gas?? Wee girl replies"I canny even smell my name"

Down syndromes smell of farts because as they are potatoes they haven’t got the legs to walk to the toilet and have a poo

“Ocean, something smells 'fish’y…” “IT’S ME IDIOT!”

Yep, keep goin’ down!

Hey I banned your ugly stupid face "Whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oa-oah!’’

Hiya btch ashole (now it’s kid friendly idiotic adults)