Hey guys, I just wanna say I say what happened to Kanye, he is one of my favorite rappers and he’s going through a hard time. I don’t see why people can’t just spread love and kindness like me💕

I think that Kanye was right to say what he said, I completely support him and I don’t understand why people hate on him for using his 1st amendment and Yeezy should be sued for it.

Quote of the day: love bests hate as for hate is the killer of friendships-Collin Kaepernick

To whoever @heil dem anfuhrer is hope you know I can’t understand what you’re saying. So next time you get on an American web site please speak English and I don’t speak whatever European language that is😊

Addie do you wanna cum over to my place tonight? We will have a great time I even made an itirabery of what we could do! 2pm knock knock jokes 3pm get on this sight and furiously go into the comment section of an actual funny joke and sown 1 hour typing 1 paragraph about how meeny weeny it is 4pm knock knock jokes 5pm riddles 6pm knock knock jokes 7pm knock knock jokes 8pm ( my favourite) nappy nap time! Then we can rest and be good little mittens and go to sleep at 8 fricking ( mama says the f—- word is a nono word) pm like basic female dog bunts ( the c-u-n-t word is also a nono word so I used bunts🤪) and I’ll announce that 6th grade sucks even though I know it’s literally the easiest thing ever and I won’t make pre Al in 7th grade because I’ll be held back like the stupid basic female dog bunt 🤪I am. So wanna cum over for knock knock jokes.?

Hi everyone! Does anyone wanna to talk to me? Pls I am bored 🥺🥺🥺

Gemini, it is you who is trying to start such a big mess for no reason. I never said it had a charm or a lead roll. I just want love and spread kindness. PS: I use my brain. I use it all the time. Just for your information. I just hope we can be friends.


Why was the cheetah so bad at hide and seek ? No matter where she hid, she was always spotted.

hi guys its gwen goodmorning people just to let you know i am deleting my account Tomorrow

guys please stop making fake accounts of me its not funny and its disrespectful of you ok bitch


Hey Guys its Gwen and i want to say that im deleting my account regarding a comment made on my last post :(

Guys if you saw a post from someone is pretending to be me don't listen to them. I'm just going to be out for 3 days. or maybe for a mounth break. There are a lot fakers.

Hi guys. I'm going to be out for 3 days. Also quote for the day and advice. Quote. (Made by me) Don't look back at tomorrow just look forward today. there are new thoughts, strength, and ideas.

Advice. Sometimes ppl have opions and those opions are probley what u don't like but don't bring negitvity on them just because of what there saying. If you chose you probley say (I don't understand that statement but it does sound good." This is not a drama site it a joking site.

P.S. No hating in these comments.

Attention everyone: I will be leaving this website. Thank you everybody who has been nice to me. Maybe I’ll come back in the future but for now: Goodbye.