Period Jokes

What's the difference between a hippie chick and a hockey player? The hockey player showers after 3 periods.


a man died with an erection. the three nurses in the morgue saw this the first nurse climbs on and rides him. the second nurse dose the same the third hesitates saying "i'm on my period." the others say its ok hes dead so she rides him to. when she's done he sits up and all the nurses ask how hes alive he replies i'm good to go after the two jumpstarts and blood transfusion


A high school student and his best friend were rushing to class after his best friend caused them both to be late, his best friend asked, "Would you like to hear a joke?" "Sure" he replied. "What do you and your sister have in common?' "I don't know." "Because of me you're both late for your next period."

How do you know a hippie is on her period? Her socks are missing. How do you know she's off? Her socks are tye-dye.

Why did the girl rage badly when she got an D- on her essay?

Because the teacher said she missed all her periods