Park Jokes

Deez Nuts


have you ever been to the new disney park called sawcon?

Sawcon deez nutz


My grandpa may be a pedo but at least he slows down in the school car park


I was watching my daughter at a park she was playing with a few people another parent came up to me and said which was is yours, just for fun i said "i am still choosing" she looked horrified



If you drink, don’t drive. People cause accidents.

If you drink, don’t park. Accidents cause people.

gay for Julian

Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways.



The quiet kid starts playing Pumped Up Kicks in the parking lot before school.


in Forehead

Johnny is very attached to his parents, he asks to take a shower with her when she gets in. He looks down and asks "whats that?"The mother replies "that's my garage" he looks up and asks what are those? The mother responds "those are my headlights." He then goes and takes a shower with his dad. He looks down "daddy whats that?" The dad replies "that's my car." He goes to sleep that night and wakes up because of a bad dream. He goes and tell his mother and she says "you can lay with me." He falls fast asleep then wakes up once more because of falling off the bed he gets back up and gets under the covers. Then he feels the bed moving he looks under the covers to investigate and see's them going at it he then yells "mommy turn on you're headlights daddy's parking his car in you're garage!" *THUD*

Yo mama


You mama so fat she was mistaken for Eric cart man form South Park



What excuse can you use if you find out your date is a rape victim and you don't want the baggage?

Say you've parked your car in a bad spot, and are just going move it, then move your car all the way back to your home address


in Orphan

where cant orphans park

parent child

Inessa :)

ill never forget my grandpas last words you need to park alittle closer



I was sitting at a bench at the park and saw a lady she asked which kid is mine and I responded I haven't decided yet

im with stupid

in Memes

code: black white person said n-word i repeat white person said n-word


What happens when a fog park illegally. He gets toad