What does a woman and Kentucky fried chicken Have in common? By the time you’re done with the breasts and the thighs, all you have left is the greasy box to put your bone in.

Why didn’t Hitler’s girlfriend like giving him a blowjob? It left a Nazi taste in her mouth…

there was 10 cats on a boat 1 jumped off how many where left? I DO NOT KNOW. there was none left they were all a bunch of copycats.

How to give a good hand job?

Bop it Pull it Twist it Harder Better Faster Stronger You put your left hand in You put your left hand out You put your left hand in and shake it all about

None of you ever touch my penis

What did the left butt cheek say to the right?

Trump 2020

There was a dude. He had a mondo dong. His wife was like, yo, where are your balls? The dude says he left them in the fridge. His wife replies “i knew those meatballs tasted weird!”

There were ten cats in a boat and one jumped out. How many were left? None cause they are all copycats.

I will tell you a story. There was a fruit named Pear who was named Dyck. He one day met his friend Carrot, who was later killed after being stuck into some girls vagina. Pear then became very sadistic and no one loved him and he became mentally fruit-pressed. One day he met a Banana named Harvey Weinstein and they got married and had children who were all named minion. Eventually the rest of his family died and pear was left slowly rotting away. His last words were “I have finally ‘peared’ the consequences of all my actions.”

Little Johnny walks in on his grandfather smoking a cigar. “May I smoke a cigar?” Asks Johnny.

The grandpa replies “Well, does your dick touch your asshole?”

Johnny replied “No.” and left the room.

The next day Johnny sees his Grandpa getting into a car.

“Can I drive the car?” Asks Johnny.

“Does your dick touch your asshole?”


The day after that, Granpa sees Johnny about to eat a cookie.

“Johnny, may I have some of your cookie?” Asked the grandpa.

“Does your dick touch your asshole, grandpa?”


“Then go fuck yourself, this is my cookie.”

I take debt 25000 euro,i spend in charity 20,000,and 5000 euro left,i pay the debt 2000 euro and i have to pay now 23,000 euro to bank,and 3000 euro i have in profit,23,000 +3000>>26000 ;)

Why are Communists consider d the left? Because they can’t do anythimg right.

So, this guy walked into a cannibal bar. The barista asked him what he wants, and the man ordered water. Then he left, because he wasn’t a cannibal and just wanted a glass of water.

No one Beyoncé said to the left to the left she really meant women have no rights