I’ll never forget my Granddad’s last words to me just before he died. “Are you still holding the ladder?”

Why did the blonde bring a ladder to the bar? - Because she heard the drinks were on the house.

I will always remember my grandpa’s last words: Stop shaking the ladder you cunt!

I only remember my fathers last words before he died. He said, “Are you still holding the ladder?”

Why did the kid bring a ladder to school? so he could get into high school

I’ll Never Forget My Grandfathers Last Words “STOP SHAKING THE LADDER YOU LITTLE CUNT!”

Jace: ha ha i won dude you suck at monopoly Timmy:Let’s play another game GUNSHOT Ig i won! Jace:SCREAMS IN PAIN Timmy: What? I thought we were playing chutes and ladders!

I saw a midget prisoner climbing down a ladder the other day and i thought, huh, that’s a little con-descending

I will always remember my grandpa’s last words. SHIT, THE LADDER IS FALLING!

grandfathers last words :Stop shaking the ladder you cunt Grandmother last words : you know how to use that hammer Dads last words : Always aim before you shoot that gun Moms last words :Turn of the stove when you’re done My last thought : am I a murder

Your mama is so stupid that when she heard drinks were on the house, she grabbed a ladder.

I still remember my granddads last words,

“Are you still holding the ladder?”

I remember my grandfathers last words:

Are you holding the ladder

Why does trump build a wall? There’s a such thing as a ladder.

I’ll never forget my grandpas last words to me…

“Are you still holding the ladder??”

Marciukas climbina ranked ladder su dravenu 8 sezone XDD