Kid Jokes


What do you call a group of Emo kids?

Suicide Squad.

What jumps and never let’s go?

An Emo kid.

I bet all Emos want to be like their biggest influencers some day.


Why do Emos want to be the “Scene” these days?

The only thing I’ve “Scene” from them is their suicide rate climbing, it’s starting to climb quicker than they did to get to the top of whatever they jumped off.

in Offensive

When ur fighting with the emo kid and he brings his friends. Now u gotta fight the suicide squd

Pumped Up Kicks
in Shooting

when you’re the only one nice to the quiet kid.

kid: i like you… don’t go to school tomorrow.

School Shooter Memes

When the school shooter walks by the emo kid and doesn’t feel his gun anymore.

in Yo mama

Your mama is so fat that when she wears yellow, kids run after her thinking they missed the school bus

in Little Johnny

The Sunday school teacher is a little concerned that his kids might be a little confused about Jesus so he asks his class, “where is Jesus today?”

Little Suzy replies, “He’s in heaven”

Little Mary replies, “He’s in my heart”

Little Johnny says, “He’s in the bathroom!”

The teacher says, “how do you know this?”

Then little Johnny says, “Well, every morning my father gets up, bang on the bathroom door, and yells, “Jesus Christ are you still in there!?”

in Orphan

Why is it when women decided to kill an unborn baby its a “CHOICE” but when i decide to drive my F-150 into a playground full of kids its called “MURDER”!

Joel Phillips

Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers kid have ears? She gave it it’s first hair cut!


So theres a orphan in a hospital and the doctor walks up and says “sorry kid but this is a family hospital”

in Offensive

What do milk and make a wish kids have in common , they both have expire dates.

Daniel King
in Grape

What does Mrs Grapes 🍇 love the most?

Raisin kids.


What’s the Difference between an emo kid and a pack of Oreos. The bar code on the emo kid gets longer everyday.

in Offensive

What do you call an autistic kid with a gun??SpecialForces

in Orphanage

i saw a kid on the side of the rode covered in rags and asked if he was a orphan he said what gave me away i said your parents

in Offensive

whats it called if u give a kid in a wheelchair a ball

rocket league


What do u call a group of depressed kids

Suicide squad

in Depression

What’s the difference between an apple and a depressed kid? The Apple falls from the tree

in Shooting

The quiet kid starts playing Pumped Up Kicks in the parking lot before school.

Logan Paul

What do you call an asian kid who’s bad at math?

An orphan

England was here
in America

So we all know that old kids joke why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9. Well why was 10 scared? Because he was in the middle of 9 11