My girfriend called me a pedaphile…Thats a big word for a 1st grader

Dark humor is like kids with cancer they never get old

We wrote letters to a kid with cancer. My letter read “its a bumpy road but soon u will have a straight path.” People didnt realize it was meant for his heart monitor. Lol

What do you call a cross between a priest and a child? The cross shoved up the priest’s ass as he ‘downward dogs’ the kid.

“I told my kids not to spend all day at a computer but then I realized I do that myself.”

Once There was a minecraft child molester on the minecraft facebook. He asks a kid his age. the kid blocks him.

Ur the bus driver, the busy driver picks up twenty kids, drops two, picks up eighty. Drops seven picks up a women with green eyes, drops off a man with blue, kicks a kid in the face, and burried his mother. Who’s the bus driver You will never nose

What grade does Sherlock hits on girls from?

Elementary my dear Watson

How do you get a Pikachu on a bus? You poke it on

(Mom )hey there’s I hop (Kid) you hop to

a kid asks for an ice cream the man says any sauce and the kid says na i got ketchup at home

A bully walks up to a kid named Billy to insult him and steal his lunch money. Later that night when he is at home, the bully’s father comes into his room to insult him and take the lunch money he stole. The father walks down stair to check on his father in the living room. When he walks in, his father insults him and takes the lunch money. The grandfather of the bully walks into the back yard and in the dark is Billy. The grandfather walks up to him and says “Where’s my money you worthless old fart.”

A kid named billy get his lunch money stolen at school. The bully later gets his allowance, the lunch money and his wallet taken by his father. The father then gets all the money taken from his by the bully’s grandfather along with is own wallet. The grandfather then takes the money and gets it stolen by billy along with his own wallet.

when a kinderX=MsgBox(“you do not have permission to delete this item”,2+64,“error”)the abcsgarten teacher askes a kid to sing alphabet he said ab3defg teacher said do you like 3d he said yeah teacher yelled ok do you have a3ds yeah he said teacher goes ito his bag and sais say abcs or your 3ds will be destroyed he says ab3defghijlmnopqrs oh he learned well the teacher thrw the 3ds out the window the kid gets it and it still wirks then he googles abcs it goes to youtube and says abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz teacher is proud of the 3ds the class went home tekll ing pa

Whats the difference between a lamboi and a pile of dead kids … i don’t have a lambo in my garage

Orphan: I want to kill my parents Random kid: I don’t think you have the facilities to do that big man

What is the difference between a human and a tree and a house is for dinner today after school today after I have school 🏫 I have for kids dinner 🍴 was that I had dinner 🍴 night night dinner 🍴 night is what time it when we went and get the dog 🐶 night and dinner 🍴 night I love 💕 it is the one ☝️ I did not have time today

What’s yellow and can’t swim

A bus full of kids

Kid at schools tells and orphan i fucked your mom orphan whats a mom?

The make a wish foundation has gone too far. All of the make a wish kids asked for cancer to be gone so they just gave the cancer to all of the make a wish kids.