Christmas Jokes

What did the kid with no arms get for Christmas? A pair of gloves! Nah, I’m not that mean, he’s still trying to open his presents.

Why did the silly boy 👦 take the Christmas tree 🎄 to a barber?

Because his mother said it needed to be trimmed.

You wanna know what i want for Christmas? My dad to come back with the milk he said he was gonna get.


Aunt: Stop telling the kids Santa isn't real Me: Stop telling them their dad is going to get milk


why did sally fall off the swing? because she had no arms ~ knock knock who's there? not sally ~ what first went through sally's head when the nazis came? a bullet ~ where did sally go when the bomb exploded? everywhere ~ what did sally get for christmas? a bike


Why can’t jesus be born in West Virginia

Because they couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin.