Dwarf Jokes

one time I walked in to a room and I saw a man and a dwarf and I soon found out that the man was the dwarfs father and I noticed that the dwarf really looked up to him


Why you should never borrow money from dwarves? Because they always short 😁😁😁😁

The dirtiest football player in my school was the smallest. He was just trying to find out who was tickling his balls.

I tried to right the shortest joke ever, so I wrote a two word joke, which was Dwarf Shortage. its just so I could pack more jokes into the show.

My ex-wife was smoking pot with Snow White, when the 7 dwarf's saw them they sang... "Look at those high Ho's! Hiiiiiiii Hoooooo'sssss!!!!"


If there was a quiz on midgets here’s the Midget quiz and the questions that would be on it: 1. When midgets get High on any drug, do they get high or medium? 2. Do midgets come out the closet or the cabinet 3. Are Midgets related to snow whites 7 Dwarfs? 4. Is a midget just a human without the mushroom in Mario? 5. Was this funny?


It may be weird to let people smell your hair, but grab the phone as soon as the dwarf says your hair smells nice.

Can’t believe how ungrateful my dwarf next door neighbor is. I saw him waiting at the bus stop earlier today and offered to give him a lift, but he told me to “fuck off”. In the end I decided to just close my rucksack and walk away.