Dwarf Jokes

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What do you call a Dwarf with ESP that escaped a prison?A Small Medium at Large

Gavin McGee

Dwarf :pulls down the flap for the mirror. Also dwarf: can’t see


My friend”hey i see dwarf me” where friend” in front of me


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Knock knock Who’s there? Can I come in? Can I come in who? Can I Come In You!?

More often than not, I will cry when I masturbate… Some nights I’m a real tear jerker! But on the nights and I smoke a lil pot and then masturbate, my dad ends up bugging me because I am a weed wacker.

How do you keep a dog from humping your leg? Pick him up and suck his dick.

How does Popeye keep his manly part from rusting? He sticks it in Olive Oil.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs are in the the tub feeling “HAPPY”. Happy got out now they are fucking “GRUMPY”

What’s worse than waking up and finding a “Penis” drawn on your forehead? Finding out it was “Traced”

If I had a rooster and you had a donkey and your donkey ate my rooster what would you have? 3 feet of my cock up your ass

Did you know Batman was actually Black? Yeah he couldn’t go a night with out Robyn!

Did you hear Gods Word Of The Day? Its Legs! Now lets go out and spread them.

What do you call a Mexican woman with no legs? Cunt-sway-low

Whats worse than sucking 25 oysters out of your Grandmas Pussy? Realizing you only put in 15


What’s the difference between a midget and a tall person only one of them can ride the rides.


Why don’t midgets use tampons? Answer: They are always tripping over the string.


What can a dwarf do standing up that a tall person can’t do standing up perform fellatio


What can a dwarf do standing up that a tall person can’t do standing up suck a big dick

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kid: why is Pluto a dwarf planet? kid 2: Why? kid: cause its as short as your dick


" I walking in the yard yesterday and a bug stepped on me why you ask because the bug didn’t know I was there."



PB and J
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You look tall for being a yellow dwarf you are 432,450 miles tall!!!

big ball bob

Why are midgets short Caused they are


What do you call a gay dwarf? Coming out of the cupboard.