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What do you call a midget with autism

A weetard

Y’now that foundation called “Autism Speaks”? No, it screeches.

3 disabled kids are playing D&D and making character sheets. The autistic kid makes all his stats prime numbers while playing a Bard. The Asperger’s kid makes a minmaxed wizard with low charisma. The Downie puts drool on his character sheet.

What do you call a gay friend?

Miguel Del Rosario Domingo

My friends mother thought a kid who had autism and downsyndrome. He called him a “double down”

what do you call an alligator in a vest

an investigator

“Knock” “Knock” “Whos there?” “aarghraawa”

What’s the difference between someone who is high on the spectrum low on the spectrum, at least I can write this joke

Come on guys, It’s not nice to make fun of autism. I mean really, The riot dev’s try their best but just because they have autism does not mean you can make fun of them. Make fun of them for something else. Like their downsyndrome

the harry potter fanbase

WHAT DO YOu say to a magician with autism?

are you AUtiSmiC

Boy: Have you heard of the cool kid who just told us he had autism Teacher: What? Boy: Well… Never mind, he’s well supported

What do autism and down syndrome have in common? They both don’t have any idea whats going on.

Psyonix’s OCE servers

ur mom gae

Oliver savage


gay guy? poo poo packed lol


f... you

Yo mama so fat she brung a pencil to early intervention