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How do you get an emo out of a tree?

Cut the rope.

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you know this is really rude this is a emo stereotype and you are really rude for posting this but i get it is a dark joke but still not all of them are hanging by ropes in trees this was really rude.

It's a joke you butthurt imbecile.

As an emo I loved this joke

with you there leaf

=====#O <--noose

Jokes about suicide are awful, making fun of something that haunts me day and night there are some things that’s you can’t un see like a noose around the next of someone close to you.

You guys need to calm the fuck down. If you dont like these jokes then dont fo on this fuckjng website dipshits

i love mommy

0/10 joke, I didn't want to be taken off the tree. You should've left me there.

I feel like all the people who submitted jokes that only say, "my life", are doing this. lol

Any of you fucking dumb ass’s love this fucking joke and support it... oooohhh!!! I’M GOING TO FUCKING HUNT YOU DOWN AND MAKE IT SEEM LIKE A SUICIDE BY HANING YOU UP IN A TREE LIKE YOUR FUCKING LITTLE JOKE!!!! Got it?! Good! bye! Oh and this threat my not be full proof and may not happen! But still!!

this got dark quick

At this point I'm seriously convinced that the comments saying how disrespectful these jokes are are just trolls seeking attention. Like if you don't like morbid jokes, then why in God's name would you visit a sight for morbid jokes?

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ima emo wierdo- and i enjoyed this stupid joke...

and dear god people wtf its just a goddamned joke- (and i prefer my "Hm I wOnDeR wHaT tHiS'lL dO") method of slowly making everything so much worse than it is

I'm a Emo, but this is really rude. Like I don't want to kill myself all the time! This is kind of funny but with these everyone thinks I'm gonna go and kill myself.

100/10 joke. good job.

As someone who tried to commit, I still found this incredibly halarious.