Fight Jokes

A brother and a sister always got into fights. One day the brother tells the sister, "your adopted" the sister yells back, "At least they wanted me!"

Q: Why do clowns always get into fights? A:Because they have the balls to.

What did one shoe say to the other shoe when they were fighting?

I wanna sock you in the eye so bad!

Bob Ross fighting in Vietnam. "The're in the happy little trees, shoot the happy little trees and bushes."

What is it called when Bill Cosby and a illegal immigrant fight? Aliens vs. Predator


I was cooking eggs the other day. It was very EGGxiting, all though, I was EGGxaggerating, but, if you think that wasn’t funny to you, then your hard boiled, that’s all for today YOLKS, so I said before several cats starting fighting, that sh*t was a CATastrophe, these kittens were all like “You’ve gotta be KITTEN me.” Mean while, in the ocean, they just waved, SEA what I did there? You SHORE you didn’t? Oh, alright, that’s okay bud- I guess these ocean puns are too DEEP for you. No? Okay- but, you know why the skeleton was lonely, eh? Oh, cause he had NO BODY. Why didn’t the skeleton ask the girl out? He didn’t have the guts. What did the skeleton do to his gf? He B*NED her. No? Alright. Those didn’t make you laugh? Maybe I should hit your funny bone.

Things you never want to do in jail - never piss off an inmate - don’t start fights with the cops - don’t drop the soap - don’t run away from the cops


we all know yo homie bout to hop in a fight when : 1 he staring mighty hard at yall. 2 when your friend know you gon get your *ss beat. 3 when your friend say he not gon jump in ( you know he lying.

I see 2 fighting with 3, 'what's going on?' I ask. 5 responds: The numbers are moving on up.