Blue Jokes


Roses are red, violets are blue, Jared from subway touches the youth


What’s Blue and comes in Brownies? Cub scouts.


What colors were Kurt Cobains eyes? Blue! One blew right and the other blew up!

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Whats yellow and blue and found at the bottom of a pool? A baby with slashed floaties

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Roses are red Violets are blue If hes busy on Valentines day the side chick is you


A B C D E F G. Gummy bears are chasing me one is red one one is is chewing up my i’m running for my life because the red ones got a knife

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Ppl pls check out Tenya’s jokes. girl. love. cheetah. blue jokes!


Today we had the best adventure ever! We started playing in the yard and doing ramps in a party van! It all started when Timmy and I were playing in the yard and a white rusty van drove up to our yard. A nice man told us to get in. We said we would love to go but our mommies wouldn’t want us to go. The man said your mommies told me it was OK to come. We hopped in the back and sped away super fast! The man gave us some candy, but Timmy and I were not hungry, so we didn’t eat it. We saved it for later. After a while, I was wondering where we were going. I was about to ask the man, but then there was a whooping sound and some flashing blue lights! ¨Hey they want to party with us!¨Timmy yelled over the whooping. ¨Party van!¨I yelled. Timmy and I started dancing and whooping and the van began driving faster, doing crazy race car stunts, and jumps! Then we noticed the lights and whooping were coming from some cars that were following us. The cars were black and white and said ¨P O L I C E” on the side. We started to wave to them, but then the van did a HUGE jump and we flew out of the back of the van to the side of the road into some dirt, but it didn’t really hurt that much. The van drove off without us, and I was really sad. Then Timmy told me the dirt was perfect for making mud pies. I was happy again. We played in the dirt awhile, until some people dressed like firefighters found us and brought us home. And then you asked me what happened.¨Isn’t that right mommy?¨


Roses are red, the sky is blue, what do you do, oh never mind I’m not homo like you


Whats red white and blue, and crawls up your leg? A homesick abortion


There was a fancy dress party the theme was emotions. one guy came dressed in green and he was envy, another person came dressed in red and she was anger another guy came dressed in blue and he was sadness. Two indians came, one came with a hole in a pear and his d*** was in the pear said he was deep in dispear, the other indian came with his d*** in custard and he said he was f***ing dicustard

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Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite color?

A: Blue stop signs.


Q:What is red white and blue and fun to watch? A: a cop car rolling over after tryong to catch for speeding

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whats black blue and red laying in ditch you after you disrespect me

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Roses are red colors are blue if I was you I’d look like you

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Ok rose are red violets are blue barney looks better then you

Blue screen

How did Stephen Hawking die

Someone pulled his eithernet cable (he died of a blue screen)

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Roses are red violets are blue i thought voldemort was ugly but then i met you.


Roses are red violets are blue my heart is dead I’m such a fool