Pootin is a pussy won't even fight in the war that he started! Pootin is a pussy and Ukraine is beating Russia's ass!

You wanna hear a good joke kiddos? gods being real. (newsflash all gods are manmade THEY'RE ALL FICTION)

whoever invented religions. they fucked up. We got all kinds of retarded adults believing in mythologies.

What's the difference between a GOD and MY MOM. My mom exists. I mean.. she did at one point! unlike any "GODS".

Knock knock... Who's there? It's Jesus, let me in... Why? I have to save you.. From what? From what I'm gonna do to you if you don't let me in.

What did the chicken say when he saw ahuman running around uncontrollably? "its running around like a human with its head cut off"

Knock knock! who's there? baby! baby who? do u want to eat this baby that i have prepared? no thanks i already ate.

What's white as snow within 15-25 mins after death and then black and blue and red all over? a corpse of course!

My boy I think it is about time that I leave this world. Now draw your weapon and kill me now! *draws a picture of his "epic" sword* "what......WHAT..... WTH ARE YOU DOING SIMPLETON? I DIDN'T MEAN THAT KIND OF DRAW!"