how many cats are in the human body none unless your Asian

We should stop taking the piss out of Asian people I mean they already have enough on their plates … like cats and dogs

Robert Ryall

What do Chinese parents hate the most?

A new born daughter…

How did the Asian couple name their child? They dropped pots and pans down the stairs and listened to the noises.

What happens if a Asian walks into a wall with a boner. They hit there nose on the wall

There was a dog in the middle of the room so i called it and started to play fetch, then my mother shouted at me for playing with my food. I missed it but it was tasty

Subscribe to Cboystv or I will eat you like Asians do to pets.

Asian man goes to the eye doctor. Doctor says, “It looks like you have a cataract.” Asian guy says, “No Doc, I drive a Rincoln.”

why do Asians don’t wear contacts… CAUSE THEY CANT FITT

by Roni Cung

all asians look the same

What do you call a Asian that steals cars - Tommy toke a motor

How do Asian people name their children?

they throw a pan down the stairs.

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How do u name a Chinese person? You drop a metal spoon on a tile floor.

What do Asians and John Cena have in common? You can’t see me! LMAO

“What happens when an Asian man runs into a brick wall?”

“A broken nose…”

How do you know if an Asian has broke into your house? Your dog is gone. ;)

Who needs storage on a computer, just use an Asians brain.

three guys walk into a bar. one asian one american, one black a girl walks in and says if all three of you D____ sizes dont add up to 12 inches i will shoot you first comes the american with 3 inches, then the black man with 8, it totals out to 11 and they look at the asian and say "oh no" he comes to 1 inch to top off the twelve she walks away and says ok, the asian says, your lucky she was hot so i had a boner