The American salute start’s with your hand being facing flat towards the ground on your head. The British salute starts with your hand against your head just like the American Salute. The French salute starts your hands in the air. The Saudi salute starts with you being bent over with a camel tongue in your ass.

What keeps you breathing when your on earth?

I don’t know I suffocated at birth

Yo mama so smelly, whenever she steps outside she pollutes the air!

Q: What do Mexicans love to wear in the air force? A: Air Force Juans

I tried to catch air once … I mist

how did the air beat me at chess? It did that thing! haha

What is the worst part of milking a cow?

The smell of the dairy air.

Your at a buffet, you think your hungry for two, but misfortune happens when you think of your self, you get stuck looking at sides in the buffet, a roly poly gal you see in corner of your eye, eyeballing the main dishes in front at the end, you go in for the pickings, you get intercepted by a far more hungrier matter, but you find yourself getting slamed over the buffet table, and realize you are gasping for air, and she’s is tenderizing you for dinner.


Jig jill bill ate a pill

how do you call a cop

thru the phone

(my puns are bad)

I air


You are in the air way how funny

HKY FM hmm

Why did ten die? It was between 9/11.

Why do women fart when they pee to blow dry

My entire existence


Love is in the air… Wrong! Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide are in the air!