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Me: opens the window to get some fresh air Everyone else on the plane:😟…😱

I tried to catch air one… I mist

I tried to catch air once … I mist

I am up in the air about becoming a pilot.

What keeps you breathing when your on earth?

I don’t know I suffocated at birth

Whats the difference between an air blower and Little Boy?

When the air blower blew it did not wipe out Hiroshima.

The greatest Doctor, smartest man, young geek, and inspiring preacher are on a plane. The pilot dies of a heart attack, and is confirmed by the doctor. But, there are only 3 parachutes on the plane. The doctor takes one and says,

“People need me for my excellent medicine!” and jumps out. The smart man grab one and shouts,

“People are in need of my great knowledge!” and jumps out. There is only one more parachute on the plane. The preacher says to the geek,

“You are to young. Take the final parachute and go.” The geek instead says,

“No, there are two parachutes left, the ‘smart’ one took my backpack.”

Puns about air conditioning. I’m not a fan

A police officer pulls a man over. "Hands in the air!" The man said, “okay.”

Patient: “Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat birthday cake.” Doctor: “Next time, take off the candles.”

every single person on the plane died exept for 2 how is that posible?

It seid all the single people died the 2 were a couple. Thats how it was possible

Who are the fastest readers in the world? The 9/11 terrorists went through like 78 stories in 7 seconds.

9/11 jokes aren’t funny.

They always crash and burn.

Yo mama so smelly, whenever she steps outside she pollutes the air!

how did the air beat me at chess? It did that thing! haha

An Aussie an Asian and a Frenchmen are in a bar. The Asian throws his risky in the air and shoots it, the Frenchmen asks “why did u do that?” The Asian says “there are plenty of them where we come from. The Frenchmen throws his champayne in the air and shoots it then the Aussie asks “why did u do that?” The Frenchmen replies “there are plenty of them where we come from”. The Aussie then throws his beer up in the air and shoots the Asian then the Frenchmen asked “why did u do that?” The Aussie then replies “there are plenty of them where we come from”

Your at a buffet, you think your hungry for two, but misfortune happens when you think of your self, you get stuck looking at sides in the buffet, a roly poly gal you see in corner of your eye, eyeballing the main dishes in front at the end, you go in for the pickings, you get intercepted by a far more hungrier matter, but you find yourself getting slamed over the buffet table, and realize you are gasping for air, and she’s is tenderizing you for dinner.


So this guy is talking to his buddy about his flying lessons. My first time in the air, my instructor informed me that he was an 8th degree black belt and homosexual, and if I don’t succumb to his sexual advances I would have to jump out of the plane, and his buddy says "well did you jump?"the guy says yeah, a little at first.

Want to hear my pencil joke? wait I’m still writing it.