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dont you just hate when your the first one sleep at the sleepover and then you hear ''Prank em John"

Dont yall just hate when something FUNNY to you happens and then you just have to be quiet so you dont look like a villian ?

my mom told me to make my dad smile and she will give me $100, so i said ‘‘the cowboys are gonna win the superbowl’’ he smiled but my mom didn’t give it to me, anyways i forgot about my package coming and the mailman came and i said ‘‘i like your hat teal looks nice on you’’ and he smiled and my mom gave me $100.

Im so poor that when robbers break into my house

they bring me things <_>.

im about to tell a dwarf joke, see how short that was.

Okay long story fast, i walked to gamestop in my house in the kitchen by walmart to a BTS squid game concert and drake and pablo was there for her labor in the cowboys stadium by nike , so i bought pencil from a dead alive man he said ''ZOO WEE MAMA" so yeah.

i got something long stuck inside me last night, dammit that needle hurt.

whats braver than coming out gay ? taking a shit in a elementary school bathroom with those 2 kids that always mess with you and turn off the lights.

I pushed my best friend’s chair in class, now i kinda feel bad that he was in a wheelchair.

my jokes are like your dad, you only see them for a few days.

5 Cobra Kai Facts: 1: Johnny = Daniel 2: Miguel > Robby 3: Miyagi Do = Eagle Fang 4: Chozen And Daniel > Kreese And Silver 5: Tory is actually a good person.

Pinned Comment: Reminder: Check the fridge, but remember nothings in there.

This is how to die soft 101

yo bro you good ? you need a hug?

如果你能读到这个笑话,哦,covid 将于 2022 年 2 月 2 日离开