Farmer Jokes

Child: *drinking milk*

Farmer: hey, what are you doing?

Child: oh I just milked one of your cows

Farmer: We don't have any cows, we only have bulls

Child: *realizes*

A farmer walks up to his farmer neighbor with a jug of milk. the farmer says "I milked your cow". the neighbor replies "i have a bull not a cow"


What’s the difference between a female farmer and Hitler’s girlfriend? One bails her hay and the other heils her bae.

A farmer artificially impregnated a cow, the cow said to another cow, "it's a miracle, I'm pregnant." the other cow said, "that's impossible it's only us cows in the field you must be joking." The first cow said, "nope I'm serious... no bull."

Farmer walks into his bedroom with his wife in bed with a sheep under his arm says this is the pig I'm fucking she say u idiot that's a sheep he says shut up I wasn't talking to you

You know you have twisted humour when you crack a smile when a minecraft farmer says he separates the white sheep from the coloured ones

Why did two 👱‍♂️ 👱‍♂️ dumb 👱‍♂️ 👱‍♂️ blondes put condoms on the cow's udders 🐄 because they wanted the 🐄 cow to practice safe sex