A mom and her son are taking a walk when they pass a homeless man fapping, the boy asks “what is that man doing?”. The mom says “Making pizza” trying to turn him away.

The son sees a dog f...ing another dog and he asks the same thing. She says “Making extra cheese”. When they pass a window and see a couple doing it, he asks the same thing. She says “Ordering the pizza”.

Later that day the mother says to the father “I think I want some to order some pizza with extra cheese tonight, dont know why that sounds good”.

So that night the husband who was watching tv yelled up the stairs “wanna order some pizza !?”

The mother replied “DONT WORRY IM MAKING SOME”

the sons voice followed " IM ADDING EXTRA CHEESE"

I keep getting ads about belly fat

Visiting Alabama Pop Up dating ads be like: Never be lonely at cousinsonly.com

GRAVEYARD SAVINGS: While leafing through our local newspaper, I noticed this classified ad: “For sale: one used tombstone. Splendid opportunity for a family named Dingle.”

A kid is watching tv and sees an ad about adopting an animal,he then turns to his mother and says “do we have to adopt a donkey” “no” replied the mom, “but we decided to do it…we adopted you”.

u really gay no questions added

Who invented carbonated water?

The Germans, nobody else would think of adding gas!

Did you know why they added Alexa for Steven hawkins

Someone is adding dirt to my garden! The plot thickens!

I added Paul Walker on my Xbox but all he does is sits on the dashboard

My stepmom kicked me out of the house because was I was raped and got pregnant. I kicked her to death because she had sex ad gave birth to my rapist stepbrother.

Why are blind people so good ad being a jedi? They are always swinging a stick

When you try to close an google ad because it was covering content, but it was covered by “ad closed by google.”

Did you know that Germany came up with sparkling water

Who else would think of adding gas