Mind Jokes


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"In my opinion, JFK was the best president." "Why?" "He was very open-minded"



Your fore head is so big mega mind gets jealous



Mixed vegetables is just special Ed class change my mind



Chesley, in horror, runs out of the cockpit of the plane coming from London, "I'm so very sorry everyone, I punch the wrong buttons and we are heading to DC instead of New York and we are about to run out of fuel. He opens the door and turns around to the five passengers and exclaimed, "I've parachutes but miscounted. We only got four for the passengers." He jumps off.

Donald faced the other four and orders:

"I'm the greatest leader of the world and I'll make the decision. Tony you go first, our country needs you. The whole wide world needs you. Pandemic is raging." Tony jumps off.

Francis,my friend, you go next, pandemic is ravaging the mind and body of millions. Their soul needs saving. Save Vladimir's and Xi's for me." Francis jumps off.

Hillary faced faced Donald furiously. "Who are you to make decisions for us? I should have been president. I'm the smartest woman in the whole world in history." Hillary jumps off.

Donald gazed at the young woman and started talking: "I'm an old man. I have already lived a full life - beautiful wives, children just a beautiful life. Just beautiful. I've become president of the most powerful country, the most beautiful, the richest. Regrets? I've made a few but did it my way. Greta, go on. Your future is bright. I just wish I can make my country great again and have the chance to help save the world with you. I believe in second chances. Look at my bankruptcies, believe me. And I wish I've played more golf and ......"

Greta interrjected, "Just shut the f* up. The plane is about to crash. Let's go and save the world. The smartest woman in history took my backpack!"

The Inspector

Stephen Hawkings is sooo lucky to go to heave- Oh never mind, here comes the stairway.


what was the last thing to go through Jfk's mind? A Bullet



I walked up to 2 people kissing and stared. After a little while they asked me if I mind isaid no I don’t mind

Broken pencil

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Knock knock. Who's there? Broken pencil. Broken pencil who? Never mind, it was pointless!



Hello I am back with more mind blowing facts. 1. Why is cookies 🍪are called cookies and bacon is called bacon when you bake cookies 🍪and cook bacon. 2. If you tuck in your shirt 👕 into your trousers and is called tucking your shirt in does that mean if your shirt is over your trousers doesn't that mean it's called tucking your trousers into your shirt😎😎. 20likes=1 more daily 50=2 more daily 100likes=3 more daily 130likes=4 more daily and 150likes=5more daily good bye


If a fly loses its wings is it now a walk wait a minute I found out a mind blower so the 🌎 is the 3rd planet from the sun doesn't that mean all country's are the called the 3rd country of 🌎 if I get 10 likes I'll do one mind blowing facts daily


in Orphan

Guys, We need to stop making jokes about orphans. Their parents might get upset. Oh, wait... never mind.

Slim Shady

Nana When Zane Kisses Her In Her Mind: [Insert Chiwawa Scream]



yours forehead is so big you look like mega mind

GG Miller

in Roses are red

(This is a cruel joke, do not say this to anyone it just popped up in my mind)

Roses are Red Violet's are blue yo grandma died, yo dad left you too, now you living with yo old grandma coot. 'oh' let's not forget yo mom left you to, you gon live alone, die alone, with no roses on yo casket too.


Wheel chair soccer is just irl Rocket League. Change my mind.

cyber bully

in Little Johnny

One time little Johnny was watching tiktok and he saw a toy that he wanted so badly,so he cleaned up the whole house and did his homework and when he was done he saw a spill on the table,he went to the sink to grab a cloth but when he came back it was gone.He went to his mom's room and saw a drank with the lable daddy's drank so he drunk it and said it's daddy's he wont mind and all day he was like the flash so he went back turned the bottle around and it said speedy and then he said OH GREAT HEVANS.



Why do people make orphan jokes… their parents will get mad… oh wait, never mind please continue


It wasn't Islam that radicalised the terrorists who did 9/11

Jenga comes to mind though !