My mom said the happier a person is when sick the sooner they get better.

So I went to the hospital hooked up everyone’s breathing masks to laughing gas.

What do you call a skeleton with a mask and a knife? A heartless killer.

How do you get a Japanese fanclub?

Walk around with a bundle of gas masks!

Most people say I’m a clown. Yet they don’t laugh at my jokes. Most people avoid me, because I’m a “clown”. Yet I’m not the center of the circus. But I know I’m gonna be a clown forever. Because I can’t take this damn mask off, no matter how hard I try.

Weeks later: Finally I found out why I’m being called a clown…because my smiling face is fake…

As the coronavirus pandemic strengthens… Trump - "Quick, inject yourselves with bleach" Also Trump - “I order everyone in America to wear a face mask except for me”

Friend: I got bit Other friend: By what? Friend : A dog Other friend :( Runs away and the next day you know everyone is wearing a mask and the friend gets expelled because of rabies )

a girl comes home finds her dad and 4 year old brother on the sofa she says dad why is he wearing that face mask the dad buckles his belt and says theirs more for you hunny

I accidentally walked on the lego batman mask.

I want my fucking feet back.