when you accidently choke your girlfriend to death and then realize that its your sister so who gives a f…k

why were you born? because I asked out your mom on accident


A twin engine has two engines. If one engine stops, the othe will have just enough power to get the plane to the scene of the accident.

Have you heard about the blind man who saw the accident and the death man who heard it

Were u born on a highway cause that’s were accident mostly happen

I know a little girl who once had an accident. When i asked her what her favorite song was she responded with “🎶head shoulders wheels and frame! Wheels and frame!🎶”


what do you call your kids

Knock knock who dare Boo boo who don’t cry in front of me or else I’ll cry

u were born on the highway, thats where are all the accidents happen ;)

Ur mom


A old lady told me to check her balance so I pushed her off the edge without knowing it was her cash she wanted to check so I died to help her