50 Jokes

Son:mom can i borrow 50$?

Mom:What NO WAY what do you think money grows on trees?

SOn:mom what is money made of


Son:where does paper come from?

Mom: . . .

I know a girl in a wheelchair. I realize why now she couldn’t do sports because the coaches wanted 100% from her,but she was only able to give 50.


How do you get 50 hungry kids into a box. You put a can of beans in there.

how do you get 50 hungry kids out of a box. you run pass with a can opener.

boy: hello mom can I have have 50$.mom:does it look like I am made of money.boy: that's what M.O.M means right.

My friend while we are shopping and I'm telling her about my mental illness: You're priceless When we get to the checkout: I'm actually $2.50

whats the one thing me and the new years ball have in common

its not gonna be the only thing falling 50 stories this new years