what did the man say to his wife? “MAKE ME A DAMN SANDWICH WOMAN!”

What’s the first thing that a battered woman does when she gets out of the shelter? My last if she knows what’s good for her.

Why did the failed abortion climb up the woman’s leg?

It was homesick.

motar is like a womans fanny the more you play with it the wetter it gets

my tutor just said this quote of 2k18 ^^^

pontypool is rough

I like my women like I like my diving pool Deep and wet

Yesterday, I saw an advert with random woman dancing, and someone said that they were beautiful. And then I said “Except the fat people.” And then I got sent to my room for saying that.

A blonde crashes a airplane Officer: could you please explain to me what happened? Woman: It got so cold in the plane I turned the fan off. Officer: face palms self Also officer: Here’s you sign

A hot woman called “Jessie” was showering when the phone rang… Jessie was upset because the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, and she goes out naked from the bathroom to answer the phone in the hall… Jessie on the phone: 《Hello? 》 The one on the phone: 《Oh hi i’m Jeff i just wanted to tell you don’t go out from your bathroom naked next time because my brother is behind you right now trying to rape you》 Jessie: 《Stop it my sister! this is the 10th time you do this cringe joke! it gets boring!》

But sadly it wasn’t a joke and she cried alot that night and learned how not to go out naked from the bathroom again.

There as soon as changed into an undergo and a rabbit and that they hated every other. The undergo and rabbit then stumbled upon a mystical talking tree. The tree stated: “i can provide you 3 wishes a bit if you will prevent combating!”So the bear went first. “I want all the bears inside the forest are ladies.” And all the bears within the forest become females.The rabbit stated: “I want I had a helmet.” Rabbit receives the helmet and the bear looks at him funny.The bear wishes: “I desire all the bears in the United States are ladies.” The desire became granted.The rabbit says, “I desire i’ve a bike.” by this factor the bear thinks the rabbit is the stupidest aspect he’s ever seen. The rabbit could want for cash and have all the bikes in the world.The endure says: “I want all the bears inside the world are woman.” The want is granted.while it’s the rabbit’s flip to wish, he places on his helmet, receives on his bike, and says: “I desire that endure is homosexual.” Funniesjokes.com

I like wine how I like my woman. 4 year old locked in a basement.

An ugly man with a gun walks into a bar. He sees a woman, and falls in love with her. Man: Hey, cute lady! Woman: Leave me alone, you ugly two faced man! I already have a boyfriend. Man: Not for long! And then the man shoots the woman’s boyfriend. Woman: How dare you murder such a beautiful man! Man: Now you shall be my girlfriend. Woman: Never. And then the man takes the seat that the woman’s boyfriend was sitting in before. Man: You look like a dream. Woman: Then open up your ugly eyes and stop sleeping, murder. Man: What’s it like being the most beautiful girl in the world, compared to all those ugly woman? Bleuch! Woman: What’s it like being the ugliest mother f***ing murder in the world, compared to all those beautiful men? And then the man orders flowers and candy. Bartender: We don’t serve flowers, or candy. And the man shoots the bartender. Another man can’t believe what he just saw, so he strangles the first man, and throws him out.

What does a woman and Kentucky fried chicken Have in common? By the time you’re done with the breasts and the thighs, all you have left is the greasy box to put your bone in.

What does an eighty year old woman have in between her boobs that a twenty year old woman doesn’t?

A belly button.

what sayd the man to the woman??

go to the kitchen lol

Superman was flying one day when he saw Wonder Woman laying by the pool completely naked, he thought “I can fuck her so fast she wouldn’t even know what happened” so he then flew down to the pool and did fuck her. Wonder Woman stood up and said “What was that?” the Invisible man said “I don’t know but my asshole stinks”

hippity hoppity women are property

I’m looking for women put your height weight and bra size in the comments

freya walker is a feminist

What do you say to a woman who is completely beaten up on her face, full of bruises and a broken jaw?

Will you listen now?!?!?

what does a husband of a woman do when he is horny.he goes on a buisness trip with 100 1 dollar bills