i told my mum the refrigerator was running so she got dressed and ran after it…

orphan jokes are like families, not everyone gets em. ( also I banged ya mum ;) )

My mum told me to stop playing with my sister; she said at least wait for her to be born first.

The teacher asked,"why are you in school on a saturday?" I told her my mum told me to go to hell.

Yesterday I was f...ing my sister and she said’ you f... a lot like dad I said “really mum said that too.”

An orphan walks into a supermarket, gets lost calls for his mum then remembers

Your mum

Me: Want to hear a joke? Friend: Sure Me: When my Mum and Dad said they loved me. Friend: What’s funny about that? Me: Because the next day they disowned me.

I asked my mum to be in the Paralympics and she said i had to eat more vegetables

What can a rock possibly say?

Answer: I’ll f... ya mum rock hard

An American mother has 3 children. The first child asked his mum: 'Why is my sister caleed Crasy horse and my brother Rushing water?' Mum: Because those were the first thing I saw after i gave birth to them. Why are you asking all these questions 2 dogs f...ing?

your mum is so fat when she sat in a monster truck it turned into a lowrider

Guys tell me that I have a MILF for a mom. So I told my mom that guys tell me that she a MILF. My mom said to me what is a MILF so I said Mother I’d Like TO F-ck. So my mom started to laugh and said well you do new a new step dad.

I told me Mum will u remember me in 6 mins 6 hours 6 years she said ye nock nock I said my mum who’s there u didn’t remember me

My mom told me that She and the owner of Chinese made a deal. Now we l get free Chinese food. So .I ask my mom why do we get free Chinese food then my mom said I love him long time.

I caught my mom licking up and down and deep throat a banana. I said why are you doing that for. I’m doing it for practice for who could suck the best dick contest in the neighborhood.

My mom told me that she got a new job & I don’t have to leave the house. Then my mom told all my customers are the men that live in our neighborhood Then I ask what is your job call. My mom said job hand, then I said job and or is hand job . My mom said yeah that it. My mom said I;m good at my job that why all the males are always knocking at the door.

A few male neighbors acme over the house to take a shower, because for some reason their house didn’t have water. A few minutes later I walk into the shower I see the male neighbors and mom taking a shower together. Then I said what are you doing they all say were taking a shower together so we could save water.

I told my mum that a few guys tell me that your a MILF. My mom said what that I reply Mom I’d Like To F.... My mum started out to laugh then she told well new do need a new step dad.

Yo mama so smelly, whenever she steps outside she pollutes the air!