I was talking to my welsh friend the other day and he suddenly started talking welsh to me then collapsed after the first few sentences. Turns out he had a stroke

What do you call a r.....ed and a stroke victim in the same bed?

Mashed potatoes

Don’t worry if you have a stroke

You’ll be all right

Did you hear about the dead artist

Too many strokes

there was a guy how had a stroke eh. hes all right.

What do you call a masturbating cow

Beef stroking off

One day whilst walking up a hill, Jack saw a prostitute named Jill. Jill was dressed in kinky, leather gear that made Jack really really horny. Jack who hadn’t stuck it in for a few weeks was keen to ask this sexy young maiden how much she would charge. “1 buck for a suck, 2 buck for a f...” she said as she stroked his ever hardening one-eyed snake. “Yeah, i’ll have both of them” said Jack who was about to c.. in his trousers. So Jill led Jack to behind the well, and they sucked and f...ed for an hour. After that they both contracted AIDS, and died of it as they did not see a doctor. THE END

Stroke victims are my heroes. My favorite is LOUIS CK.

What do people that can only use half there face and wankers have in common. They have both had a few strokes

two nuns were sitting on a bench, a flasher flashed them and one of the nuns had a stroke … but the other one was to far away : )