My friends: ugh why are you so lazy and no fun My parents: why can’t u be like ur siblings My teacher: I don’t care if ur depressed focus on ur study! The songs: we understand you :)



If I was a party, then anxiety must be the cousin depression felt obligated to bring to the party and insomnia the little annoying sibling.


Ok boomer

If you get a divorce with your husband, does that still mean you’re siblings?



There are two siblings. A little brother and a big brother. Now, the big brother had a girlfriend, and one night they decided to go and have sex. So, the bigger brother goes to pick up his girlfriend one night, and take her home. So they get to the bigger brothers house, and walk in his room. Now the two siblings shared the room, and they had bunk bed. When they walked in the room, they saw the little brother asleep in the bottom bunk, so they went up to the top bunk to have sex. The big brother says, “whenever you feel good, say lettuce, and whenever you want to switch positions say tomato.” The girl constantly is saying “lettuce, tomato” and then the little brother wakes up. He quietly remarks, " can you guys stop making sandwiches, you’re getting mayonnaise all over me.



Iḿ glad were all going virtul so I can cuss in front of my class and blame it on my stupid siblings



Brother: your eyebrows look hella bad Sister : I don’t even think u know what eyebrows are supposed to look like because u have none


if your pan all you have to do is get a sibling and make them get your parents to the outside of the pantry and you burst out and then say your pansexuial



A sibling went up to there other sibling and said “dad said your adopted” and the other sibling said “you are too” then the other sibling goes “no I’m not.” And the sibling says “we’re twins” and the other kid goes “and your adopded… oh.”



Today; Worst day ever

My annoying sibling got hit by a train and I lost my job as a conductor.



your butt looks so big its bigger then sam hill



When a cat gets a sibling do they say Oh shit another mew kid?!?!?!?!


Sarai Castle

I was listening to my children praying. And my youngest that can speak said to me: “Mama, why is Gramma dead?” I smiled and told her, “Well, less than 10 years ago when I was 5, your age, my Momma took me into the basement with some hot rando during a party. And 9 months later Shinana was born. One Pedo after another and your 4 siblings are born. The Pedo I met last night told me, ‘If your mother’s the one making you do this, do what you do best.’ I listened and the next day she didn’t leave her bed breathing. When the Pedo found out he left me and your soon to be brother.” She replies with, “Make his child support expensive!” Now he has to pay me 2,000 U.S. dollars every month. Like the other ones that ran away.