Star Jokes

When your legs forget how to work after leg day *I can't climb the stairs* Michael Myers right behind me* Runs like I'm a track star*

Great news for all star wars fans who can't wait until the next movie!!

Wife: "Honey? What do you think about my teeth?" Husband: "They remind me of stars... yellow and far apart."

GF: What do you think of our love?

BF: Count the stars in the sky.

GF: Aww... It's infinity!

BF: Nope. It's just a waste of time.

Girlfriend:Babe what do yo think of our love? Me:Look at the stars in the sky Girlfriend:aww... it’s infinity right? Me:No,it’s a waste of time. Girlfriend:I’m breaking up with you. Me:Whatever when I take out the trash I think of you

If a man is willing to try his hardest to give you the moon and stars. Then lady's you should be willing to give up uranus