Rope Jokes

suicidal people are a big contributor to the rope making industry

dentist: open up sir

me:so..i hate my life my family my sisters my dog my cat and i tried to take a bath with my toaster but my dog took it that's why i hate my dog and my cat died trying to chew my rope it choked.....yea

dentist: i.. meant your mouth .. so i can clean your teeth

me: :O ohhhh my bad

dentist : do u need help??

me: yep


me: ....

i once called a depressed guy why he loves ropes so much, and he left HUNGing on the phone (im not englishs so i could've talked bad)

A depressed kid takes a drink of water and someone takes it and takes a drink. "Oh come on, the train stopped, the rope broke, I couldn't get on the building, the gun was empty, the knife was dull, the bridge was too low and the cliff was non existent and now you took the poison !"

I told my mom to get rope for a project and when she got home I got the good old coat hanger out and hung myself up.

What falls to the ground first if an apple and an emo kid fall from a tree?

The apple because the rope caught the emo kid.

Q.What hit the ground first when falling out of a tree a leaf or a emo kid? A. Leaf there is usually a rope to stop the emo kid.