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Im doing a charity bungee jump for the local disabled. Its called spastics on elastics

I donated 100dollars to a blind children’s charity, to bad they won’t ever see a dime of it

I won the lottery for a million dollars today, so I decided to donate a quarter of it to charity. – I now have $999,999.75.

“Have You Ever Heard Of The Snail That Never Gives Charity?” “Yeah, He Is So Shellfish!”

Why don’t oysters give to charity?… Because they’re shellfish😂

I take debt 25000 euro,i spend in charity 20,000,and 5000 euro left,i pay the debt 2000 euro and i have to pay now 23,000 euro to bank,and 3000 euro i have in profit,23,000 +3000>>26000 ;)