Math riddle : If have 12 bottles of wine in one hand, and 9 in the other, what do i have



What has two legs and bleeds? Half a dog


Can anyone answer this riddle? Apparently this is the worlds hardest riddle! Good luck 😝- “I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry. I make guys have to pee and girls comb their hair. I make celebrities look stupid and normal people look like celebrities.”

Little Johnny

Little Johnny and his teacher were telling each other jokes and riddles, His teacher asked "Three birds where sitting on a wire, a hunter shot one. How many are left?" Little Johnny replied "None, because the sound would scare the other two away." His teacher said "No, but I like the way you think!" Little Johnny replied, "Alright, now I have one for you. What goes in dry and hard and comes out soft and hard?" His teacher was shocked and said "Little Johnny!" He replied "It's gum! But I like the way you think!"


The Riddler

Alright, riddle me this: I am loud and obnoxious, I like music that rhymes. I'm a fraction of the population, but commit half the crimes! What am I?



Addie do you wanna cum over to my place tonight? We will have a great time I even made an itirabery of what we could do! 2pm knock knock jokes 3pm get on this sight and furiously go into the comment section of an actual funny joke and sown 1 hour typing 1 paragraph about how meeny weeny it is 4pm knock knock jokes 5pm riddles 6pm knock knock jokes 7pm knock knock jokes 8pm ( my favourite) nappy nap time! Then we can rest and be good little mittens and go to sleep at 8 fricking ( mama says the f—- word is a nono word) pm like basic female dog bunts ( the c-u-n-t word is also a nono word so I used bunts🤪) and I’ll announce that 6th grade sucks even though I know it’s literally the easiest thing ever and I won’t make pre Al in 7th grade because I’ll be held back like the stupid basic female dog bunt 🤪I am. So wanna cum over for knock knock jokes.?



A little riddle ... Trump has it short, Kennedy has it long, the Pope has it but he doesn't use it, what is it? *time passes ... Obviously the Surname, what are you thinking about you pervert?



Why is a elephent big,grey, and hairy?



What does CNN stand for? The Counterfeit News Network.



Where is the most dangerous place for a human being to be? In the womb of a woman who wants to abort her unborn baby. 😢

Coming Back


Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Why did my parents never come back

Coming Back

Blah Blah Blah, you know words and stuff

Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Why did my parents never come back


Anonymous Cat

Riddle: i can fill a room, others can have me,but i cant be shared. what am i? Answer: Loneliness.



Whats starts with M and end with arriage?

Miscarriage Now we all know that joke never gets old, and you know what?

Neither does the child




Friend:Hey let me give you a little riddle theres a table four people who are supposed to sit there is you me will mary in witch or will they sit

Other friend:uhm you, me, mary and will?

Friend 1:nope guess again!

Other friend:okay what about will you mary me? oh wait...

friend 1:OF course!!!!:D


Dark wolf

What has one head, one foot and four legs? A: A Bed

Q: Did you hear the joke about the roof? A: Never mind, it's over your head!

Q: How many letters are in The Alphabet? A: There are 11 letters in The Alphabet

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Q: How can you spell cold with two letters? A: IC (icy)

Q: What state is surrounded by the most water? A: Hawaii (this is really just a trick riddle)

Q: David's father had three sons: Snap, Crackle, and ? A: David!

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Q: If you were in a ra


Dark wolf

Q: How can you spell cold with two letters? A: IC (icy)

Q: What state is surrounded by the most water? A: Hawaii (this is really just a trick riddle)

Q: David's father had three


J0K35 (week 1)

Riddles not jokes

What has 4 legs but cannot walk?

What has bark but no bite?

There's a one-story house in which everything is orange. Orange walls, orange doors, orange furniture. What color are the stairs?

What has holes but can carry water?

What is in front of you, but cannot be seen?

What is something you have inside you that is pink, but cannot be seen?

What can you catch but not throw?

and last one

What can rule, but not command?

Tell meh the answers in the comments

like 90% of this was from this link: https://parade.com/947956/parade/riddles/

1 more thing: DoN"t google it or search it up, use ur brain to answer these.



What show does an orphan hate?

Family Guy.



What does a cannibal call a pregnant person?

A kinder surprise