I was born yesterday and I walked down memory lane, I fell over the edge

I was to go to space camp, but then I realized I had no space to learn.

What do you call a bull sleeping A bull-doser

My new leaf blower doesn’t work. It Sucks.

What did the dog say when he came home from a long shift at work? Today was ruff.

What do you call the 10th hole on a military golf course?


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a skeleton walk into a bar and said it takes “backbone” to mess with me and if you try to insult me i have thick skin.

I am about to make a joke about cake. You butter believe it

I like plants, but then I decided to turn over a new leaf and branch out.

my name is gunter, gunter gunter is dead gunter gunter stuffed my cats head ;D

my name is gunter

What did the fish say when it ran into a wall? Dam.

Why do animals hate playing card games with foxes?-They’re a bunch of cheetahs

Why do animals have playing cards with foxes?-They’re a bunch of cheetahs

Not all cat puns are pur~fect some just have there claws

I told my friend to fly a plane,

But he threw a ramp of a roof

p=person (not original ‘‘pun’’)

p1:hey girl p2: i got a bf! p1: well i got a lamborghini aventador, a bugatti super sports, a yacht and a private plane. p2: bf stand for breakfast. p2: oh and also where did you get all that stuff? p1:gta5 p2: you motherf...er!!! (communications with this person are now blocked)

what do u call a tall affluent person-a big success

What’s the most artistic fruit

Vincent mango

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