#1-watcha doing #2-watching a movie #1-oh I know why because you move-ie

My hips cant move but heineken.

You know, most people take rocks for granite… sorry

lets taco about something

I was running away from expired grocery items with my friend, when i got out i noticed he was left for bread, i felt so guilty, he was toast. I’m not loafing this


I was gonna tell a rumour about butter but I don’t want to spread it

I was gonna tell you a pun about a bin but.

Bin there done that

when i ask my dad did i get adopted he said not yet no one wants you

When do astronauts eat lunch?

At launch time.

I just found out i’m colourblind!

The diagnosis came completely out of the orange!

Do you want to hear a paper joke., Nevermind it is tearable

What did the man say when he knocked down the bookshelf? Looks like I’ve only got myshelf to blame…

one day me and my friend Howard the duck went into the bar,I ordered a drink,Howard told the waiter to put it on his… BILL

one day I had the munchies,so I ate a clock it was very… TIME CONSUMING

G@y 👌


If you thought other people’s puns are bad well you should sea mine. https://d2v9y0dukr6mq2.cloudfront.net/video/thumbnail/Vfv9BDZagiltwcyiq/underwater-sea-mine-danger-weapon-deadly-naval-ocean-sea_hvqhxuzi__F0000.png

What do you call your mom when she goes into the shower? A shower ma! (shawarma)