I make chemistry jokes periodically

What do you do with a dead scientist

You barium

Why did the vegetable go to jail? He kaled a man and stole a 9 carrot gold bar.

Why are eggs bad at puns? They always mix up their yokes!

I was taking a walk near the prison when I saw a good looking guy climbing down the fence, and when he noticed me, he gave me a sneer! It was pretty condescending.

I ran into a dwarf and he said: “Well, I’m not happy”… Me: Then which one are you?

I ran into a dwarf and he said: Well, I’m not happy Then which one are you?

So you know The Lion King Do you remember Simba Well his dad is really strong and he walks really fast but Simba walks really slow So I told him to Mufasa

A Buddhist walks up to a hot dog stand and says “Make me one with everything.”

What do you call a iPhone put into a smoothie maker?- Apple smoothie.

Have you heard of the man who got all his left side chopped off?

He was all right.

A father and son duo are sitting at a table, eating breakfast. The father looks at the child and says “I’m hungry” The child looks at the father and replies “Hi hungry, I’m son” the father calls his father and asks why he was named Hungry.

little johnny was siting in class one day and the teacher was talking about life and ask him " little johnny how do you want your wife to be like" and he answered " like the moon" and the teacher said " that’s such a beautiful answer because it calm and peaceful " and little johnny said " no because it appears at night and disappears in the morning"

Son: Hey Dad, can I play Fortnite? Dad: I don’t know, do you want a girlfriend?

How do drown a Blonde… you put a scratch and sniff sticker in a pool

There’s nothing else that can beat up dog

What’s up dog?

Just my depression!

I was at my drumming lesson and I accidentally dropped my drum stick when my sister made a terrible joke. KA-DOOM-CHA

9 people walked into Bunnings Warehouse. 2 people bought plants. 3 people bought shovels. 1 person yelled. 3 people left Bunnings Warehouse. 1 person was me. I guess those three people are fired 💁‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Your Face!

Two kids are out in the cold, with downpours of snow erupting from the clouds. One of the kids says something. Can we build a snowman that is going through puberty? The other kid says something else. Yes. It sounds cool. After a while, the snowman was finished, and some words jut out of the first kid’s mouth: Wow! Look at that snowman! It’s got hair all over. But I think it’s missing something though. The other kid jumps a little and begins speaking. Oh, I know what it is! After a while, a body part made of a carrot and two cucumbers appears on the snowman’s crotch. It is a p.... and a ballsack. The first kid speaks. Icy what you did there. The other kid replies. Good thing I didn’t slip up there. The first kid replies. Well, that’s snow problem. The other kid then uttered this: These puns would make the most frigid individual crack-up. The first kid then says: I know, right? They then begin a snowball fight. The other kid then says: Only the men have snowballs!