Why did people bully the burning circuit?

It was too short.

Why did the MOSFET go to jail?

It had a charge for battery

How did the security guard at the orchid get better at his job? He got an Apple Watch.

My brother wanted to sharpen my pencil. I told him he had a point.

Racccccccccccccccccccccoccoooocoooocoooooooooooocoooooo this is my song joke

I think I gave you the corona virus because I can’t stop staring a-choo

I think I gave you the corona virus because I can’t stop staring a-choo

suck all the bread

My pathological cheater of a sister wanted to play a board game with me. I turned her down because I didn’t like the Risk involved.

I GOT a job as a pencil sharpener I would tell you about it but you wouldn’t get the point.

Do you want to here a joke? Never mind it’s too punny

Do you think Mars prefers Sour Orbiter sweet?

Orbiter: Or bitter

Wanna hear a pun?

Welp, I’ll PUNch you with one!

Want to hear a pun?

Well, I’ll PUNch you with one!

Why don’t you act like an amoeba and split.

i had some puns about construction but im still workin on em

Do you know how to make holy water? You boil the hell out of it.

I can’t sleep that’s because your dead

I was in social studies class and I was taking an exam and I couldn’t Remember a lot of the information and everyone looked up shocked. A white kid holding a gun said “your about to become history”. I almost forgot that we weren’t supposed to have any lessons that day.

Two flies were playing football in a saucer. One tells the other, “ you’ll need more practice if you want to play in the cup”