What do you call an athlete who injured 75% of his spine?

A quarterback

What do you call a person with no body and no nose “no body nose”

Q: What happens when a pig plays tug-a-war?

A: pulled pork

What do boy snowmans has different to a snowgirl that have snow balls

why was the short person a coward.they didnt stand up to challenges

fish y u no fly. i dont like being caught naked

a texan and a alaskan walk in a room the alaskan says “my state is bigger than yours” the texan says “it won’t be when it melts”

Why do nuns walk in groups?. So one “ nun” can keep an eye on the other “ nun” just to make sure that she isn’t getting “ nun”.

Why did Spider-Man decide to buy a laptop? So that he could design his own “ website “.

What did the bull say to the bullfighter? What’s the “ matador “.

Why did the man laugh when he only had just one nickel a one penny in his pocket? He had a 6 cents of humor.

Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the “ shell” station.

What kind of clothing should you wear on “ hump day”? Camelflouge.

I have a really good construction joke : But I’m still working on it

How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it

I just quit my job at a can crushing factory.

It was soda-pressing.

Water What is the king’s favorite type of precipitation? Hail, of course! What is another king’s favorite type of precipitation? Reign!

What do you ca an Irish man that breaks up fights? Liam Malone

What do you call someone with no body and no nose. Nobody knows.

Why did the skeleton not go to the ball He had no-BODY to go with