Prostitution Jokes

How many dead prostitutes does it take to change a light bulb? -- Obviously not 8, because its still dark in my basement.


What's the difference between a hooker and a burrito? I don't eat burritos

a teacher in Scunthorpe asks a class what their favourite football team is saying "raise you hand if it is Scunthorpe" every student but one raised their hand. the teacher asks "why don't you support Scunthorpe?" the child answers "my parents support Grimsby and so do I". the teacher comes back with "why are you copying your parents? what if your mum was a prostitute and your dad a druggie?" the child answers then i'd support Scunthorpe like you dirty bastards"

What’s the difference between a epileptic corn shucker and a prostitute with diarrhea ? The epileptic corn shucker “shucks between fits”...

In what ways do nuns and hoes have something in common?

They both worship on their knees. They are both creatures of habit. They both take vows of poverty and obedience. Once chosen, neither can leave the life. They both swallow their hosts.


Man to woman: Would you sleep with me for one million dollars? Woman: Sure. Man: How about for ten dollars? Woman: What do you think I am? Man: We’ve already established what you are. All we’re doing is negotiating price.

When a military dies we shoot aII night, when a drunkard dies we drink aII night, when a Christian dies we pray all night. What if a prostitute dies,what should we do???please tell me

How can a prostitute make more money then a drug dealer?

She can clean her crack and sell it again.

What is the difference between giving money to a prostitute and giving money to a church? you don't get something in return if you give money to a church

A man is meeting a client in Japan, yet arrives a day early. When night hit he went out with a prostitute. They're having sex, yet the prostitute kept shouting "Fuji, Fuji, Fuji!", so the man thinks he doing a good job. The next day, the man meets his client and they go golfing and the client gets a hole in one. The man praises him by going "Fuji, Fuji, Fuji!". His client turns around confused and says "What do you mean wrong hole!?"

what is the difference between a basement full of dead prostitutes, and a bowling ball in the basement?

I don't bowl.

How does a prostitute make more than a drug dealer?

Because she can clean her crack and sell it again.