Killer Jokes


I’ve been looking for my ex girlfriend’s killer for the past two years. But no one would do it.


The cops are still searching for my wife’s killer. Luckily I already fled the country.

in Breakfast

In the morning, I become a cereal killer.

in Make

We’re does the killer wale go to get its teeth don.

The orca Don test


I keep looking for my girlfriends killer but no one wants to do it.

What does a killer say in the shower in the morning.

-Splish Splash, i’m gonna slash…

🔪🗡️ 🩸

in Cereal

I just stepped on a corn flake. Im officially a cearel killer.

in Orphan

What is the difference between orphans and serial killers serial killers are wanted

Moe Lester
in Bin Laden

My undergrad was killer. It was murder in the first degree.

Get in the van rn.

What does JFK’s killer and a prostitute have in common? “They both blow heads”.


. why cant depressed kids high five a tree? It will leave them hanging… . why cant orphans play baseball, Because they cant find home! . a serial killer was at my house all killed all my family but me why, i was in the living room… . what do sloths and depressed have in common, they both hang off trees… . what is a group of depressed kids called, the suicide squad

in Number

i stepped on a cornflake, they acused me of a serial killer?

in Accident

There were three men in a car, the driver, a homeless man, and a rapper. The driver takes the to the woods and says, “I’m not really a cab driver, I’m a wanted killer”. The homeless man says"I’m not really homeless" and pulls out a chain. The rapper says, "If we’re gonna be completely honest, I’m not a rapper, i’m a cop’’

Nikita Reeves

What does a serial killer make for breakfast?

Scrambled leggs and toest.

in Death

What do you call a skeleton with a mask and a knife? A heartless killer.

in Orphan

Why did the orphan become a killer? Because he knew they would not look for him


Like Markgeraldnasol and his Pokemon Jokes. What do you call a killer that uses psycho powers? Mr. Mime! [Most liked joke in worldwide]

the chicken

why did the serial killer cross the rode, to get to the victims house

knock knock who’s there, the serial killer

Serial killers be like: blood is red veins are blue, next one is YOU.

Pokemon:What do you call a killer that uses psycho powers?

Mr. Mime!