Prostitution Jokes

What’s the difference between a prostitute and a homeless shelter? You can shit a load inside of a prostitute but if you try it in a shelter you get arrested.

My gf left me for spending my own money I buy this bitch thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of stuff but I spend 100 dollars on a prostitute she leaves me

What is the difference between giving money to a prostitute and giving money to a church? a prostitute won't tell you that it is more blessed to give than it is to received

How can you compare a gay prostitute to Pacman?

They both get paid to eat 200 balls!!


What is similar about the feelings of a girl's birth daddy and her new pimp daddy?

They both worry about how she will turn out!

What did the hooker say when she found out the cash she was paid with for services rendered was counterfeit?

I've been raped