I did this to my x I stole her wheal chair I new she would come crawling back

Why can't two Chinese people have a white kid.

Two wongs don't make a white

When a emo ask you to hang * out under a treee 🖕🖕🖕🖕

Why can orphans never go to the shops?

Cus the talibans will plane dive into them.

I would tell you a good joke but I can’t so here is a bad one

I would tell you a joke about a teacher but she’d kill you at school

A broken pencil tried to break the laws of physics. It wasn't very sharp.

A boy went to a costume party with a girl on his back. Someone asked his what he was suppose to be. He answered," A turtle." 'Then why do you have a girl on your back?" the guy asked again. The boy answered, " it's Michelle."

My girlfriend broke up with me. She said I was a pedophile. I told her, “PEDOPHILE? Wow, that sure is a big word for an eight-year-old!”


When the school shooter is just about to leave your classroom and you think your in the clear but the Down syndrome kid says “goodbye”


what is the difference between a man peering through the key hole and a woman in the bath? one is rude and nosy the other is rude and nosy