Do you want to hear a joke about pizza?- Wait, no. Its too CHEESY

You want to hear a joke about pizza? Sorry! Can’t tell ya, it’s too cheesy!

What to hear a pizza joke? Never mind it’s to chesesy

Why didn’t anyone laugh at pizza jokes? Because they were too cheezy!

Hi 👋 ooooo has tyyyyyyyyuyuyu

Papa John’s pizzeria and abortion clinic, You make 'em we bake 'em

What’s the difference between a pizza & a person?

A pizza doesn’t scream when I try to shove it into an oven…

This guy walked into a pizzeria and ordered a water. The owner called him an idiot.

His girlfriend walked in and ordered a pineapple pizza.

The guy left her and the owner made her leave.

A Nacho has a problem going on, and the Taco says to the Nacho, "Wanna taco 'bout it?" and the Nacho say to the Taco, “It’s nacho problem!”

yo mama so stupid, when she was in court and the judge said order order she said pizza

Wanna hear a pizza joke? Ah, never mind, it’s too cheesy.

Friend 1. whats your favorite drink or food Friend 2. pizza Friend 3. Donuts Friend 4. i don’t eat food but i do drink bleach Friend 1. (calling the suicide hotline) Friend 2. (Calling the parents)

Wanna here a joke about pizza

Nevermind it’s too cheezy😅

What type of pizza did the 9/11 victims order? 2 planes

Why were the Twin Towers mad? They ordered pepperoni pizza, and all they got was plane.

What’s the difference between putting a baby and a pizza in an oven? The pizza doesn’t scream in the oven

What’s the difference between a dead baby and a slice of pizza? A dead baby can’t feed a family.

i would tell you a joke about pizza but Its too cheesy

What did my dad say before he went to go get milk? Theres money in my wallet for pizza I love you.

You want a pizza f me!!!