Pineapple goes on pizza

Why did sallys pizza get cold, because she has no arms.

What do you call an epileptic midget that works at Little Caesars? Little Seizures.

Q: What’s the difference between a folk singer and a 14" pizza? A: The pizza can support a family of four.

Let me tell you a joke about pizza! Nevermind…

It’s too cheesy

Why is the pizza place busy because it’s pizza day 😂

Pizza place pizza place are you there your as heck bye

What type of pizza do they serve on an airplane

Plane Pizza

why were the people in the twin towers upset? they ordered pepperoni pizza but instead they got plane

why were the people during 9/11 mad? they ordered 2 sausage pizzas but instead they got 2 plane pizzas

A receptionist at the twin towers order two pepperoni pizza’s, she was upset when she got two planes.

Wanna hear a pizza Joke? Nevermind it to cheesy

What did the pizzas say to the pizza maker? CHEESE-US!

Why were the tenets of the twin towers sad. They ordered a pepperoni pizza, but they got PLANE.

What is you main food Me:pizza cause i’m cheesy Friend: Chocolate chips cause i have a lot of friends Girlfriend: donut cause i have a lot of cream

You work at papa’s pizzaria ok?

Boss: your fired! Me: ok? Worker: Why are you fired? Me: oh you wanna know… shows him the oven with my pizza Me: I left my pizza in the oven that bitch burnt as fuck!! Worker: OH SHIT!! Boss: did you say pizza? Me: i sure did! shows boss pizza in oven Me: this hoe black as fuck! Boss: i fired you because i count stop looking at your ass not this why?

you want to her a cheezy pizza joke-never mind its to cheezy hehehehehe

Q: what is the difference between a pizza and a baby? A: the pizza does not scream when you put it in the oven.

Wat do u call a pizza??anthony Cahill face

Why where the peopel in twin towers mad that wonted a drive frow pepperoni pizza but got a fly frow plan in sted