911 Jokes


I screamed Jenga today in class where watching a 911 documentary


All these jokes are plane wrong. My uncle died in 911. At least he died doing what he loved, flying planes.


Two hunters were walking through the forest one day. All of the sudden, one of them passes out. The other hunter panics and dials 911. The emergency responder says “911, whats your emergency?” The hunter replies “My friend just passed out and I don’t know what to do! I think he might be dead!” The emergency responder replies “Before you do anything, make sure he is dead.” The phone goes silent and then the responder hears a gunshot. The hunter gets back on the phone and says “Ok, now what?”

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What is the dofference between mcdonalds and 911

Mcdonalds has a drive through Twin towers has a fly through

Told by...

Who are the fastest readers?

911 victims. They went through 88 stories in 7 seconds.


Can you imagine the last thing that went through the minds of 911 victims?

Well, probably their kneecaps.

9/11 jokes are my favorite

Me: want to play 911

My little brother: what’s that

Me: It’s where i kick your legs and you fall

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911 what’s your emergency Me, my grandma just passed out in the living room and I think she’s dead Well it’s not a living room any more Me, hangs up

Osame bin laden

911 jokes are just plane wrong, my dad was a great pilot you know. This joke problably flew over peoples heads, but for some people it flew into their head


What’s the difference between 911 and a abortion?

With 911 there was a victim to tell the tale.

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You know, people should really stop making fun of 911....both my parents died.

One driving one plane, and the other driving the other.


"I hate when people make 911 jokes because my grandfather died during the twin tower attacks, he was the best pilot in saudi arabia"

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Why can't they blonde call 911

Can she can't find the 11


can we stop talking about 911 i lost my dad in it

he was a great pilot

Le emu king

My uncle died on September 11. He was the greatest pilot in all of Saudi Arabia.


What were the terrorist on 911 thinking? "we can't go over it." "can't go under it." "we have to go through it!"


wanna know why to not joke about 911? They usually crash the party


I was watching the local chief police in America, he said we will never forget 911. I thought i should hope not its your phone number.

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A collection of 911 jokes.

What kinda pizza did they order at 911?


What was the colour of 911?


What is the fasted way to see 911?



If i throw a paper airplane at two twins did i cause 9/11?