Any joke can be funny with the right delivery. Except Abortion jokes, because there is no delivery.

All jokes are funny with the correct delivery . Except for abortion jokes, there is no delivery.

what’s the difference between a pizza delivery guy and a cop.

pizza guys get punished for not doing their jobs properly

The secret to dark humor is the delivery… oh wait, the baby was stillborn.

Why Did Michael Jackson call Boyz 2 Men ? He thought they were a delivery service

anything can be funny with the right delivery except for abortion jokes cause there is no delivery

So, Satan is in the delivery room having a child. Soon, a feathered creature comes out. “Doctor,” say Satan. “What is it?” The doctor sighs. “Well, it’s not a boy, and it’s not a girl.” Satan looks frustrated. “THEN WHAT IS IT?!?!?” The doctor looks up. “It’s a goose.”

Whats a pedafiles favorite holiday Holloween free delivery

Any joke can be funny with the right delivery except abortion jokes because then there is no delivery

Did you hear about the delivery boy that worked for that Italian Restauraunt down the street?

Yeah he Pasta-Way

Q)what was the last pizza delivery to 9/11? A)2 large planes.

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