Look Jokes

Orphan boy: "Your dad is probably disappointed in you. I mean, look at you." Me: "Well, at least my parents kept me. Where are yours?"


No one has the right to look down on others unless you're perfect, and looking down on others is not perfect either

it’s just true

A women walkes into a supermarket and sees a blined man swing a dog around in the air so the women walkes up to him and asked "what what are you doing" the man says " just having a look round"

My wife told me I could never ever build a car out of spaghetti , you should have seen the look on her face when I drove pasta

i went to a butcher house with my little cousin and seen a baby pig and told her look its pepa pig

she started crying

A mother and her 7 year old child are walking in the grocery story. The young boy then screams to a random woman “ your an ugly bitch”. The mother grabs her son, and says “ I’m so sorry, I must have told him a thousand of times to not judge people on how they look.

what do you call 2 octopus that look the same? Itenticale!

Where does a octopus put its money? In a octo-purse